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Time Machine is a built-in feature in OS X system!

time machine backup

Time Machine backup

With this tools, you can have full backup of all data include software and configuration (everything).

When the OS have problems, failures, you can use it to restore to last point.

Need external drive

To use TM, you need external drive usb3 1-2 tera.

It’s dosen’t matter if it’s mac or pc drive but better to use new product.

Bigger drive meant have more backup-points!

Set your back up

  1. Attach the Ex-drive
  2. Go to “apple icon” > than “system preferences” > choose ” time machine”.
  3. move slider to “ON”
  4. Choose the drive
  5. Mark the option – “Show time machine in menu”.

How it’s work?

The system start backup immediately.

The first backup is a full-backup contain all data, software etc…

The next back up is incremental contain only new files or changes.

the system check changes each few hours. You can push back by use the TM circle icon on menu. choose “backup-now”.

Recover a file

If you accidentally delete file, you can recover it.

Use the “circle icon” on menu > enter time machine.

choose the date you want to > choose the file > than recover.

Recover all System, Data and apps

If you moved to new mac, or update to wrong os x ver, you can back on time and restore you old system include data and software.

Connect time machine drive > than restart you mac by holding “alt” key. Load from the drive.

Choose restore from time machine > choose restore point.


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