Mac Repair

Mac repair located in the Center (Israel – Ramat Gan City) and provide professional repair services for Mac computers.

Contact Details: [email protected] or 0507192019 Hagy

mac repair lab

Mac Repair Lab

We used only original parts of Apple and Original brands!

What we fix?

  • Support OS X Operating system
  • Upgrade Hardware like SSD Drive and Memory RAM (all kinds)
  • Specialist with Windows on Mac (Boot camp or Parallels)
  • Learning how to use mac OS or Built-on Software
  • Experts with DATA Recovery from mac drives from iMac, MacBook (ssd & sata)
  • Backup & recovery OS X with Time Machine tool.
  • Fix issues of “folder with ? icon” or Globus icon.
Hardware Repairs

Hardware Repairs

Hardware repairs

  • Fix all macs GPU Card by replace the chip! Nvidia, ATI, Intel
  • Repair Macbook pro – Monitor, Glass, Trackpad, Keyboard, Battery
  • Repair iMac – Monitor, Glass, Fans (thin & heavy models)
  • Repair Mini and upgrade with 2 HDD Drives (dual)
  • Repair Macbook Air – Physical damage, connectors, fans, monitor
  • Repair Mac Pro – Replace motherboard, CPU (Xeon).

We fix issues occurred from physical damage, general wastage (hard drives, fans) or corrosion issues (spill liquid).

Part of the failures can be fixed with without a replacement of all main board and that save money!

Why us?

  • Experience & Skilled – we don’t do experiment on you mac. We have the tools, knowledge and experience to provide professional service.
  • Prices – our prices are fair & rights
  • Alternative Computer – depend of the issues, we provide alternative machine or allow you to rent a mac with 50% discount
  • Availability – Usually, the repairing process can take 1-7. Sometimes at the same day we got the mac. Other labs can keep you mac for several weeks (3-4)
  • Interpersonal relationship – emphasis and listening to your needs!
  • Share knowledge – we like to help & share knowledge via Blog, Articles & tutorials.
  • Original Parts – We use original parts of Apple. Our SSD Drives & Memory RAM are brands only! Kingston, Samsung, Crucial, Intel
  • Apple – our service intended only to apple computers. This is our field. That what we do.

Contact Mac-Repair Lab

Our lab located in the center (Israel country) – Etzion 3 Ramat Gan

You can reach us via contact page or call directly to +972-050-7192019 Hagy

[email protected]

Activity hours: Sun-Wen 9:00-19:30

Mac-Repair customer service will be happy to assist you