Mac Repair – macbook pro, air, imac

Mac repair located in the Center (Israel – Ramat Gan City) and provide professional repair services for Mac computers.

We fix broken lcd of macbook pro, air, replace batteries with warranty, keyboards, trackpads and other issues in OS X.

Contact Details: [email protected] or 0507192019 Hagy

mac repair lab

Mac Repair Lab

We used only original parts of Apple and Original brands!

What we fix?

  • Support OS X Operating system
  • Upgrade Hardware like SSD Drive and Memory RAM (all kinds)
  • Specialist with Windows on Mac (Boot camp or Parallels)
  • Learning how to use mac OS or Built-on Software
  • Experts with DATA Recovery from mac drives from iMac, MacBook (ssd & sata)
  • Backup & recovery OS X with Time Machine tool.
  • Fix issues of “folder with ? icon” or Globus icon.
Hardware Repairs

Hardware Repairs

Hardware repairs

  • Fix all macs GPU Card by replace the chip! Nvidia, ATI, Intel
  • Repair Macbook pro – LCD, Monitor, Glass, Trackpad, Keyboard, Battery
  • Repair iMac – Monitor, Glass, Fans (thin & heavy models)
  • Repair Mini and upgrade with 2 HDD Drives (dual)
  • Repair Macbook Air – Physical damage, connectors, fans, monitor
  • Repair Mac Pro – Replace motherboard, CPU (Xeon).

We fix issues occurred from physical damage, general wastage (hard drives, fans) or corrosion issues (spill liquid).

Part of the failures can be fixed with without a replacement of all main board and that save money!

Why us?

  • Experience & Skilled – we don’t do experiment on you mac. We have the tools, knowledge and experience to provide professional service.
  • Prices – our prices are fair & rights
  • Alternative Computer – depend of the issues, we provide alternative machine or allow you to rent a mac with 50% discount
  • Availability – Usually, the repairing process can take 1-7. Sometimes at the same day we got the mac. Other labs can keep you mac for several weeks (3-4)
  • Interpersonal relationship – emphasis and listening to your needs!
  • Share knowledge – we like to help & share knowledge via Blog, Articles & tutorials.
  • Original Parts – We use original parts of Apple. Our SSD Drives & Memory RAM are brands only! Kingston, Samsung, Crucial, Intel
  • Apple – our service intended only to apple computers. This is our field. That what we do.

Contact Mac-Repair Lab

Our lab located in the center (Israel country) – hazon ish 129 Ramat Gan

You can reach us via contact page or call directly to +972-050-7192019 Hagy

[email protected]

Activity hours: Sun-Wen 9:00-19:30

Mac-Repair customer service will be happy to assist you