why apple?

I’m not a big fan of iPhone or IPad products, but when it comes to computers, Apple brand

why to choose apple

why to choose apple

is the most efficient brand you can find! Probably it’s more powerful, stable and attract than PC Brands like HP, IBM, and Dell

In this page you will find the advantage and disadvantage of apple brand.

International Brand

It doesn’t matter if you choose PC or Apple Brand, Brand computer are better than White Box Computer (the pcs you build buy your own yourself).

in Brands, The Hardware parts are more stable & reliable! They suited and passed “quality Test”.

Apple = the most stable brand in the world.

iMac Desktop Computer, have a professional monitor LCD with very high contrast and Sharp colors.

Even if we examine laptops, MacBook pro retina have very Pro screen and the battery alive for 5-6 hours of work!

Apple products are very attractive and suitable for users! They built like “dream geometrize”.

OS X Operating System

OS X is different than Windows OS.

OS X Can’t infected by virus or Trojan horses! Nobody develop virus for mac because the file system (HFS) is different & harder to crack.

Software like Adobe Photoshop, illustrator, Premiere and more “Pro soft” running better on OS X.

Mac platform have less bugs & crush compare to windows.

Even if you need a computer for home or business needs, mac have all popular software’s like Microsoft Office, Skype, Chrome Browser, and Movie & Music Players. You can also download files with torrents, run KODI or popcorn.

OS X have private software you can’t find on windows! Mac Mail, Photos (manage your pics & albums).

It’s can take a while to know all, but after few week you on the rock!

Windows on Mac

It’s possible to install windows OS on Mac Machine.

There is 2 ways:

  1. Parallels – virtual software that running win os at the same time you running Mac OS (software level). In this method, hardware resource like RAM, CPU are separate between the operating systems (half half)
  1. BOOTCAMP – Fresh install of Win on different partition in the Hard Drive. With this method, the OS can’t run tougher. You must choose 1 OS and if you want to switch, you must do Restart and choose the other OS. With this method, the hardware resource are not separate! Bootcamp is better if you want to run PC games on you Mac or Professional Software like 3DMAX (soft that is not suitable for mac platform).

Comfortable & Design

Apple designed Perfect! Very excited to work on them!

The monitors are great, the trackpad, keyboard in laptops are very very comfortable.

They also have very small machine “Mac mini” (20cm only) can used for any target! The Mac Mini have i5 core CPU can use for Pro soft, Movies, Music & Multimedia Computer can be located on any place in the Salon.

Mac Repairs

The repairs are expensive!

If your mac have issues, you can spoil the day.

20-30% more expensive compare to PCs

But I must mark that Mac are more stable so there are lees issues.

mac repair lab

Mac Repair Lab

Mac support seams better over the years. Many new labs coming out and the competition = low prices.

Mac-Repair.co provide Mac Fixs & Support for all kind of Apple Computer.

It’s will be glad for us if you join to us.

Apple Models (Information)

In this part you can find few lines & info regard each mac model (laptops & desktops).

MacBook Pro 13″ or 15″ – Pro Needs

mac pro 15 or 13

mac pro 15 or 13

The Macbook pro is the most powerful laptop of apple

If you searching for performance, laptop for Editing, Graphics, Processing, this is the item for you!

Macbook Pro have 16GB RAM, SSD Drive, advanced CPU & GPU (Nvidia), HDMI.

The “Retina” models have perfect screen. Compere to Mac Air Model, the “Pro” have better quality!

Macbook Air – Thin and light

mac air laptop

Mac Air laptop

This is the light laptop of apple with very small weight! Like 1-1.3 kilo!

This product can be suit for travels, journalism, meeting & students.

The “Air” models have nice CPU (core i5) but the performances are less than the “Pro”.

Air can be used for Office, skype, Internet, Music, Movies. Better not to use for Pro soft or Games.

The speakers & Screen have average quality.

iMac – built-in Monitor (All in 1 Desktop)

imac dekstop

imac dekstop

The iMac is a desktop computer have built-in monitor. Original Monitor of Apple.

This Product design for graphics and have pro CPU & GPU Cards.

Also, Can be used for all needs (Editing, Sound, Video and Even home & business). The monitor & design make this product very attractive.

You can buy it with 2 choices, 21.5″ or “27” monitor.

The iMac can be serve you for all needs, comport without nerves cables but sometimes (after 3-4 years), there are issues with the monitor (spot & stains). Additional, iMac is wonky compare to Mac mini (Next).

Mac mini (20cm) home & Business

mac mini desktop

mac mini desktop

This Desktop Machine are bomb! Very small Dimensions and Big usage.

The mac mini is a desktop computer that not contain Monitor. Support any type of monitors (even PC).

This product have i5 CPU, Nice GPU (Intel) and can be used for any needs, office, internet, multimedia or Pro Software (50-60% performance).

In spite of his small size, mac mini is very reliable!

If you need it to work on “Pro Soft”, better to buy it with SSD Drive.

Mini include all connections: HDMI, Thunderbolt, and USB3.

Mac Pro – Professional Workstation

mac pro machine apple

mac pro machine apple

The mac pro is the Pro workstation of Apple!

This desktop machine comes without monitor but support any monitors with DVI, HDMI connectors.

Mac Pro have XEON CPUs (1 or 2 physical) and very strong GPU for Pro needs.

This product is very expensive! A new one cost 4-7K USD (15K Nis).

Better to buy second hand 2009-2012 models are the best (the silver models).

The Mac Pro is very stable, have silence fans, support 5 HDD, built on Server hardware and serve for 15-20 years! Weight 19-20 Kilo.

The new Mac Pro (the black model) are different! His weight only 7 Kilo, support only 1 physical SSD drive and only 1 Xeon CPU.

The black model have advantage, support thunderbolts (6 ports).

The silver model don’t have thunderbolt ports!


Apple is a prestige brand

Because apple is still unpopular compare PC, and the hardware have high quality, Fixes are more expensive.

But, Apple Hardware & OS X are more stable than windows!

  • If you looking for stable platform, mac is the perfect solution for you
  • Designers that need Pro screen & high performance can choose iMac
  • Even if you can pay Extra for your home or business desire, choose mac!
  • Mac mini can be used for any needs

There are many users bought Mac Machine and install windows (Bootcamp).

With this method, they enjoyed best hardware and familiar platform.

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