Warranty Terms mac-repair.co

Here you can find information regard our warranty term & agreement about fix, repairs, rentals.

our warranty list apple products

our warranty list apple products

Rental Equipment

  • At the rental period, the customer not responsible to any hardware issues (if occurred).
  • The clients have full responsibility about physical damages, lost or spill liquid. In this case, and after price assessment, the customer pay for the damage.
  • In case of Operating system issues, we can format and install new system without any charge. The customer should be pay only if need to backup files from old OS.
  • At the moment you pick up the stuff, you must show Credit Cards + ID for security reasons. We make a copy of you details.
  • You should pay for the service at the moment you get the product
  • At the end of rental, we take care to format the old DATA.

Second hand Products

  • 99% of the products include general hardware warranty of 3 months
  • In case you upgraded new part like Hard Drive Or RAM, this part have 1 year warranty
  • Possible to extend the general warranty to 1 year in additional costs.
  • The warranty not cover Operating System issues!
  • The warranty not cover Lost, physical damage or spill liquid (corrosion)
  • Our product checked. This is promise you reliable product.

New Products

We are formal & authorize distributor of apple in Israel

You can buy from us computer with the same price like the formal importer (iDigital)

You can pay by Checks, Credit cards or Bank Transfer

Mac-Repair customer service will be happy to assist you