Why Mac Pro?

Mac Pro is the professional workstation of Apple.

This computer is the most reliable, staple, powerful & profitable you can know.

mac pro desktop apple

Mac pro desktop apple

Mac Pro can survive 15 year and more!

Reliable – No issues!

Exactly like we want to buy a car that don’t need a garage, it’s the same story with technology!

The mac pro built on server hardware (motherboard, CPU, Box & fan) and this fact make him reliable for many years!

His case very heavy, made from massive aluminum scale 19Kilo!

The case keep the hardware cold and save the electronic parts for longer life.

Stable in Process

The memory (RAM) of the M.Pro built on ECC Technology & know to deal with memory failures!

The motherboard & the main chipset with very good quality & can deal with many process.

The hardware of the mac pro are the most stable you can find!

quiet computer fans

quiet fans

Very quiet

The mac pro is the perfect solution for recording & sound editing!

The CPUs used only “cooling irons” without fans and that make him very silence.

The other fans, are very massive & pro design to work without noises.

If you work with SSD Drives instead SATA,it decrease any noises.

Sometimes, you forgot that is ON !

Multiple Hard Drives

Support Maximum 5 drives (SSD or SATA).

With this method you can set very high capacity of storage. Like 10-20 Teta

You also can set “Raid 1” to create “mirror backup” between 2 physical drives!

If 1 of them failed to load, the second still function.

Mac pro support “Raid 0”. With this method you attach 2 drives for double speed!

Raid 0 is too risky because if 1 drive have issue, and you don’t have backup, all data lost! Raid 0 good for speed but you should always have a backup.

  • Mac pro can be use like NAS – Network attach Server to store files

External Devices + PCI Cards

The mac pro is the only product can get PCI-E External cards (for sound & video)

PCI Cards working faster, and stable than USB or thunderbolts devices!

  • The silver mac pro have 5 usb2 ports
  • Possible to attach usb3 card
  • Include 2 ports of Ethernet 1Gb
  • Original WIFI Card cost 400 Nis


The Mac Pro is very Expensive Item.

A new one, start from 14,000 Nis (3500USD)

Because the mac pro work for many years, usually better to buy second hand product.

Smart purchase is to buy models of 2009-2012 (2010 recommended)

Usually, Mac Pro dual CPUs from 2010 include upgrades, additional RAM will cost 7,500-9,000 Nis (2000-2300USD).

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