Upgrade Apple – iMac, Macbook, Pro

Your mac don’t run like at the first time you bought him!

Why provide upgrades for mac computers like macbook, Imac, Mac mini.

upgrade hardware mac

upgrade hardware mac

The main question is to understand what is the best way to make him work fast again. Don’t worry, you are in the right place!

There are 2 hardware parts should be replace & upgrade.

Hard Drive (SATA or SSD)

Hard drive is a Hardware part responsible to store OS X operating system, include software and your DATA (documents, mail, pictures, music, movies etc…).

After 4-6 years (depend of the frequency of use), this part have frazzle!

When it’s happened, the mac run slowly, stuck, and the user got delay & huge loading time (icon of circle loading).

The resume enjoy smooth life, this part need to be replaced.

You can run speed test HDD with blackmagic app to estimate the damage of your drive. In case you drive lost 60-70% performance, must be replace.

If 30-40% lost, the drive should be replaced next 1-2 years.

Sometimes, Hard Drive can be damage by short circuit! Run the test to get results!

Which type of Hard Drive you need

Macbook Pro 2008-2012 (13″, 15″, “17) – 1 Tera 7200RPM 2.5″

Macbook Pro 2013 (retina) have special SSD Card.

iMac 2008-2011 (all sizes) – 1-4 Tera 7200RPM 3.5″

iMac 2012 + (thin models without DVD) – 1 Tera 7200RPM 2.5″

Macbook air 2011 + (SSD Only)

Mac mini 2008-2015 (same like Macbook Pro 2008-2012).

Mac Pro (Workstation) – 3.5” Hard Drives 1-6 Tera

The above drives are used SATA Technology! Same like you currently drive.

New SATA drive will make you mac running fast again like at the same day you bought your mac. Because the SATA drive of 2016 have more cache RAM & better technology, your mac will function even better!

SSD Drive

SSD drive are the fastest drives you can find in the market!

SSD DRIVE fast stable

SSD drive fast, stable

Apple used them on the new macs (Retina, New MacBook, and also when you buy Fusion Drive).

SSD are more stable, reliable, stay cold, Silence than SATA.

SSD built-on electronic board only without Magnetics, Pins, Moving part!

This technology make Flash drive (SSD) running faster & stable.

On mac models until 2010 – SSD have “triple speed” compare to SATA (like 190-220mb /second).

On models until 2012 or later, SSD have “psycho performance” (like 450-550mb read per second).

SSD are Expensive, better to choose 256-512GB storage size.

Upgrade RAM (Memory slots)

RAM responsible of the ability to run & hold a lots of apps at the same time!

If you use professional software like Adobe, Autocad, Final cuts, Pro tools, you should have Minimum 8GB RAM. Without RAM, the software can stuck, run slowly and even Crash!

We do upgrade to all kinds of Mac Models. iMac, Macbook, Mac pro, Mac Mini

More info

  • There is no possible to upgrade RAM to MacBook Retina or Air!
  • We have old Memory DDR3 667-800MHz or New DDR3 1067, 1333, 1600MHz
  • We use Brand companies like Crucial, Kingston, Hynix, Samsung
  • The customer present in the upgrade (can take 10-20 min)

Memory (RAM) improve 15-40% Performance.

Replace hard drive or add additional RAM?

Most of the users think that additional RAM make their Mac run faster! Wrong.

First, the hard drive need to be replace and recommended to choose SSD.

SSD make the effect! Software start with super speed. The Mac faster than you!

Additional RAM necessary to run professional software & prevent crashes! Most of time, the user not fill any boost.

For Example, if you have 4GB RAM and you upgrade to 8-16GB you will fill extra performance (15-40%) But if you already have 16GB and you upgrade to 32GB, the effect will less (10-25%). It’s really depend on your flow & process.

Pro software’s require minimum 4GB & recommended 8GB. We suggest to use 8GB at least, and recommended 16-32GB.


Every couple of years (4-5) usually the hard drive should be replaced to keep your mac (even PC) work fast! This is the first thing need to take care.

SSD drive recommended technology and you to enjoy super speed!

The avoid OS Crashes, good function of Professional software, you must have 8GB RAM at least.

Mac-Repair customer service will be happy to assist you