Mac Refurbished & Second hand, macbook pro, imac

As part as our activities, we sell second hand & refurbished macs.

mac second hand warranty

Refurbished Macs

Our company import apple computers from US and sell them in Israel!

The Macs can be upgraded & include warranty!

Which kind of mac you can buy?

Desktops – Mac Pro Workstation, iMac 21.5″ or 27″ (all in 1 desktop), Mac Mini.

Laptops- MacBook Pro & Air. regular or Retina.

Mac Pro

These model are the flash ship of apple! (Desktop Computer).

The mac pro are the most stable & powerful computer you get ever.

Mac pro serve for sound & video editing, animation, 3d, Graphics & design.

  • Support Maximum 5 Hard drives. Support SSD
  • Up to 64GB Memory RAM
  • 2 physical CPUs (8 Cores) – powerful

The details above relate to Mac Pro Silver Models (2007-2012).

The Mac Pro Black series (late 2013) is different and support only 1 Hard Drive.

MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro is the most powerful Laptop apple have.

We have large stock of MacBook Pro 15″ Mid 2012-2013 (core i7).

There models are perfect to DJ, Sound, Photoshop & Developing.

Each item include new SSD Drive 240, 480 or 960GB space. Max RAM 16GB.

iMac (All in 1)

Computer + Monitor in 1 Product. Design for Graphics & design, video editing & eve home and business used.

We have variety of iMac 27″ Model Mid 2011 with i5 CPU 2011.

These models have thunderbolts ports and contain 16GB of RAM (up to 32GB)

By Default they sell with 1 Tera Drive. Can be Upgrade per user request include SSD

  • Include original keyboard (wire) & magic mouse

3 Months Hardware warranty

contact us customer supportAll items include 3 months general warranty.

If you upgrade new parts like Hard Drive or Memory RAM, you get 1 year warranty.

  • There is an option to extended the general warranty to 1 year with additional cost
  • The warranty don’t cover lost, physical damage or spill liquid
  • The warranty don’t cover OS X issues (software)

Why Mac Second Hand?

  • Half Price!
  • Usually, the old models are more reliable
  • You have warranty

Apple computer can live many years. Most of the time, the only part should be replaced is the Hard Drive.

Our mac contain new drives! That meant they can work like new ones without any issues. Average time of 3-5 years.

Mac-Repair customer service will be happy to assist you