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If you have old mac mini like 2011,2012 or 2014 models, it’s possible to upgrade the drive to faster ssd.

This upgrade will make your mac run very smooth.

Ssd drive performance are 450Mb Read/write

Test you hard drive speed to compare

When your mac was new, regular sata drive have 120/120 mb per seconnd

After few years of used, this speed decrease to 80/80mb

If your drive work at 50-40mb , you should do backup immediately because it’s can die soon.

Contact us: 0507192019 hagy or [email protected]

How it’s work

At start need to remove all parts from the box.

We removed the fan, logic board, ram memory, AC, the old drive


Then need to attach the new ssd into the plastic area. And attached back the other parts.

We use Crucial drive, or Samsung are best.


You can choose the Capacity of the drive. We recommended at least 500GB and have 1-2 Ssd drives.

The upgrade take 1 day and you can get the machine with new OS X ver (10.14 , or catalina 10.15) with or without you data.

It’s also possible to clone you OS the the new drive (If you use old ver like 10.12 or 10.13 and you need it)

The upgrade have 1 year warranty for hardware. Contact us today and make your mac back alive.

Mac-Repair customer service will be happy to assist you


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