imac lab fix gpu

Fix iMac Desktop machine

Here you can find a list of common issues of iMac desktop machine (all in one – apple). Our lab in Israel provide full service for hardware and software issues. Contact us 0507192019 hagy The are 2 kinds of imacs the old one with the DVD drive on right side (models 2009-2011) The thin on without […]

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We upgrade ssd in mac mini

If you have old mac mini like 2011,2012 or 2014 models, it’s possible to upgrade the drive to faster ssd. This upgrade will make your mac run very smooth. Ssd drive performance are 450Mb Read/write Test you hard drive speed to compare When your mac was new, regular sata drive have 120/120 mb per seconnd […]

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reset spotlight mac

Reset spotlight index on OSX

The spotlight is the main index feature of the mac. Sometimes, this feaure have logical issues, configuration and must be reset. When to use it? when your search not function well when your mac slow even if your drive is faster ssd drive when the circle of loading don’t stop to roll and roll the […]

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time machine backup

Backup you mac with Time Machine!

Time Machine is a built-in feature in OS X system! With this tools, you can have full backup of all data include software and configuration (everything). When the OS have problems, failures, you can use it to restore to last point. Need external drive To use TM, you need external drive usb3 1-2 tera. It’s […]

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all problems startup mac

Mac Won’t start up and don’t loading OS X

Here you can find info about all start screen of macintosh computers! If your iMac, macbook won’t start up to OS X System, use this info to understand why, and some of the problems can be fixed by reset of SMC. At the ene of the page, you can find our details to have private […]

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apple speed test drive black-magic

Test speed for apple drives – Black Magic

Maybe you ask yourself why your mac not running well like the first time you bought it… If your mac 4-7 years old, probably the hard drive should be replaced by new one. Usually, drives can be work 8 years, but after several years they are frazzled and have issues. Run Drive test go to […]

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