Rent Mac Pro 2012 Dual 3.3Ghz (12 cores)

Mac pro 2012 + upgrades for rental. Use for 4k video editing and essentials projects.

Model: Mid 2012 (A1289)
CPU: 2 Cpus of Xeon 3.3GHz (12 core)
RAM: 64GB DDR3 1600MHz
Hard Drive: 1 tera SSD (up to 10tera)
GPU: Nvidia with 4GB RAM (or more)
Ports: USB3, HDMI, FireWire 800+400
Extensions: WIFI (Optional)
Weight: 19 kilo

  • Latest OS X version or Customize
  • Software (Optional)
  • Power cable
  • Keyboard & Mouse (Apple Original)

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1100.00 Nis